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Tourism development in coastal areas in Africa: promoting sustainability through governance and management mechanisms

Difusion date: 
Wed 30 Oct 2013

Coastal areas have a high potential for tourism development in large parts of Africa. Governments and tourism enterprises should pay due attention to sustainability principles for tourism to serve as a positive force on the coasts of Africa, helping to conserve coastal environments and biodiversity, minimising environmental impacts and contributing to the wellbeing of local communities. Research in nine African countries revealed mechanisms for improving sustainable tourism governance and management in coastal areas. It pointed to the need for strengthening policy frameworks and providing effective governance structures for sustainable coastal tourism. The sustainability of coastal tourism can further be enhanced by integrating planning for tourism in a wider coastal management context, strengthening the assessment of tourism development projects, improving monitoring and management of tourism enterprises, and pursuing greater benefits for conservation and local communities. Concerted efforts from the public and private sector, civil society, and international development agencies are required to support planning and management of sustainable forms of tourism on the African coasts.