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Tourism Development in Advanced and Emerging Economies: What Does the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index Tell Us

Difusion date: 
Thu 15 Mar 2012

When reviewing the four editions of the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI) compiled so
far alongside recent trends in tourism development, it might seem incongruous that the top ranks of the Index are invariably dominated by advanced economies,1
while tourism growth over recent years has largely been driven by emerging economies. Many destinations in the emerging and developing regions of the world have managed to fruitfully develop and exploit their tourism potential to attract and cater to visitors from both domestic and international markets, though the focus
in this chapter will be on international tourism.
In this contribution we try to shed some light on how emerging economies are comparatively evaluated by the Index by exploring the following three questions:

  1. Do the four editions of the TTCI reflect the progress that emerging destinations have been making in tourism development? Have they been bridging the gap that exists within the TTCI and improved their rankings?
  2. How do emerging economies and advanced economies compare within each of the 14 pillars of the Index?
  3. How do economies rank on the TTCI relative to their level of development?