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Resurrecting Kalyani Through Tourism - A World War II US Army Base

Difusion date: 
Wed 12 Dec 2012

This Tourism Plan entitled – “Resurrecting Kalyani through Tourism – A Case Study” deals exclusively with the pros and cons of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Tourism in the township of Kalyani and the District of Nadia, easily one of Eastern India’s most outstanding cultural/spiritual tourism destinations. The challenges that this new form of Tourism throws and ways and means of popularizing the Sustainable Tourism experience of the region to a worldwide clientele has been covered in this Tourism Plan.

A sincere attempt has been made to unravel Kalyani and the District of Nadia as a marvelous Eco‐Friendly & Sustainable destination. The intention has all along been to create a synthesis out of the Tourism phenomenon. The Plan highlights and justifies the need for Sustainable Tourism in Kalyani and attempts to satiate the burning desire of modern day traveler for an experience that has the effect of transformation and making them processed human beings.

Concepts like developing a War Memorial Centre, launching Horse Driven Carriages, developing the wetland areas into exclusive nature based tourism zones, the concept of Tree House Recreation etc…if implemented in a planned manner would undoubtedly catapult this part of Eastern India into the mainstream of India’s burgeoning tourism industry.

It is to be borne in mind that the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India has been giving a lot of importance to develop “Integrated Tourism Circuits” and is providing liberal financial assistance for projects that are outstanding in terms of quality tourism experience and the township of Kalyani and the District of Nadia is an ideal unexplored destination.

I am hopeful that this Tourism Project will generate awareness and come to the notice of those International organizations who patronize tourism that is high on quality and sustainable in nature.