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Integrated Tourism Circuit. Bengal

Difusion date: 
Thu 06 Jun 2013

The Project entitled – “Developing an Integrated Tourism Circuit in Gar Mandaran-Kamarpukur-Joyrambati in the State of West Bengal” has been prepared on behalf of the Ramakrishna Math & Mission, Kamarpukur, West Bengal in view of the Mission’s eagerness to develop an appropriate Tourism Plan for native villages of Sri Ramakrishna and his Holy Consort – Sri Sarada Devi. The Mission believes that by harmoniously blending Spiritual Tourism with Rural Tourism, quality visitors can be attracted to the fascinating villages of Joyrambati and Kamarpukur.

The underlying theme of the Project is “Sustainability” of the tourism phenomenon by involving the local community from the grass roots level and empowering them with the right to make conscious decisions for the long-term sustainability of tourism in the concerned villages. Due importance has been given to the emancipation of women so that they are provided with avenues that would ensure a better quality of life by being involved with avenues that would ensure a better quality of life by being involved in the rural tourism industry.

The Project offers solutions as to how the local community can live in harmony within their environment by meeting the needs of the present without crippling the needs of the future generation. Conservation of existing resources and the simultaneous up gradation of resources for the future generation are the cornerstones of this Project.