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Title Date
Investigating the effects of tangible and intangible factors on customers’ perceived service quality and loyalty in hotel industry in Al-Ladhiqiyah, Syria
Service quality in tourism industry has been examined in many different types of business enterprise. Aspects of service quality can be divided into two: tangible and intangible. Tangible aspects of...
Wed 08 Jan 2014
The Impact of Physical Environment Factors in Hotels on Arab Customers’ Loyalty
The study reported in this paper reports the results of examining the effects of physical factors at hotels (i.e., exterior design, equipments, and ambient conditions) on customer loyalty. Employing...
Wed 08 Jan 2014
A Study of the Effects of Factors in the Physical Environment of Hotels on Customers’ Perceptions of Service Quality and Loyalty
Service quality can be considered to be the customers’ judgment about an entity’s overall excellence and superiority of service (Clow, Kurtz, Ozment, & Ong, 1997; Zeithaml, 1988). The most...
Wed 08 Jan 2014
Tourism development in coastal areas in Africa: promoting sustainability through governance and management mechanisms
Coastal areas have a high potential for tourism development in large parts of Africa. Governments and tourism enterprises should pay due attention to sustainability principles for tourism to serve as...
Wed 30 Oct 2013
Integrated Tourism Circuit. Bengal
The Project entitled – “Developing an Integrated Tourism Circuit in Gar Mandaran-Kamarpukur-Joyrambati in the State of West Bengal” has been prepared on behalf of the Ramakrishna Math & Mission,...
Thu 06 Jun 2013
LDC Export Diversification, Employment Generation and the "Green Economy": What roles for tourism linkages?
“Pro-poor” tourism is arguably one of the best green options for addressing LDC poverty, employment and economic diversification initiatives. Although often neglected as a serious policy option — and...
Thu 30 May 2013
A Futuristic Perspective on West Bengal's Tourism Industry
The state of West Bengal is unique in terms of tourism, given the fact that it is the only state in India, which has all the three vital ingredients – sea (The Bay of Bengal), mountains (The Eastern...
Wed 09 Jan 2013
About Hotel Classification Systems
The matter of the classification of tourism accommodations is particularly difficult for at least two reasons: First of all, due to the large diversity of types of tourism accommodations, a...
Wed 09 Jan 2013
Resurrecting Kalyani Through Tourism - A World War II US Army Base
This Tourism Plan entitled – “Resurrecting Kalyani through Tourism – A Case Study” deals exclusively with the pros and cons of Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Tourism in the township of Kalyani and the...
Wed 12 Dec 2012
Domestic Tourism Study Overview
The domestic tourism study in Asia and the Pacific was initiated in 2011 and will be finalised by UNWTO in 2012. The responses to the call for contributions to the domestic tourism study, based on a...
Fri 14 Sep 2012